Who are we?

MiV was created in response to a paradigm shift in mobility, which enabled us to move from offering a product to offering a service.
Our goal is to make the Valencian Community a world leader in mobility.


What’s our aim?

We want to attract projects and industrial investments that create wealth and high-quality employment and that guarantee sustainable economic development for the region in the long term.

We want to kick-start the automotive sector’s transformation towards Mobility as a Service (MaaS) through open MiV is the backbone for the innovative and productive organisation within the field of mobility, with the aim of generating high value-added projects, which offer a solution to the new industrial challenges with real, scalable and sustainable solutions.


How will we do it?

We work on the basis of open and collaborative innovation, where all parties can contribute:

1.- Identifying requirements for cities and users

2.- Identifying solutions to those requirements and deciding which challenges and solutions to push for within the industry

3.- Investing in scalable solutions and promoting their implementation in businesses

4.- Knowledge-sharing among members of MiV

5.- Scaling solutions to cities and clients across the world.



Mobility Innovation VLC – MiV – was created from the region’s Automotive Cluster and strives to be the innovative powerhouse of this organisation.

It is sustained by the MiV members: businesses, academic and technological institutions, as well as the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Work of the Valencian Regional Government.




Create an open, innovative and collaborative organisation through vertical integration of key agents (institutions, strategic sectors, knowledge hubs, etc)

Promote solutions and products that respond to the industry challenges which the new landscape of mobility poses.

Promote continuous improvement of productive capacities, specialisation and efficiency as a mark of identity and the main competitive advantage of the automotive manufacturing industry in Valencia.

Attract, retain and train the best talent, positioning the automotive sector as one of the primary options.


Position the Valencian Community as a national and international leader, developing distinctive skills and generating business opportunities.


_Innovative spirit

_Collaborative and inclusive charcter

_Commitment to talent


_Flexibility and dynamism